East Bay’s Highest End Cannabis Medical Mobile Delivery Service #0064


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This delivery service was formed in 2015 and is going through the license application process in Oakland. This delivery services the East Bay Area along with neighboring cities. The delivery service is grossing 2 million a year with a yearly net of $850,000. Included in the sale is $150,000 in wholesale inventory that comes with the business along with $5,000 in fixtures. With an average ticket number of $177 this delivery exceeds the industries average being $70-$75 per call. The current owner is willing to train for 21 days to ensure the new owner thoroughly understands the business, and that includes access to exclusive vendor pricing that is superior to the industry standard along with 8 experienced employees. This is hands-down the best value for your money if you want to move into an established company generating nearly 7 figures with excellent margins. Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

How to enhance and Grow this Business-

This business has huge opportunities for growing into other cities, they currently don’t have a heavy social media presence in place. They could advertise on effective marketing outlets that they currently aren’t on to enhance the business.If you are brand new to the cannabis industry and looking to get into the marijuana industry but want the lowest risk, easiest way to learn about the industry while still making a Great ROI then don’t look any other cannabis opportunity other than a delivery service. Owning a cannabis delivery service is almost the same as running a dispensary storefront but with much less overhead and way less headache and not have to worry about getting shut down.


You must sign an NDA/Waiver and have proof of financials before any other detailed information is released


If you want more information on how to buy a cannabis business please call Drew 619 653 0483!


Asking Price: $625,000

Listing Location

Alameda County,California 619-795-4340 ***** http://greenlifebusiness.com

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