Marijuana Cannabis Delivery License Opportunity in La Quinta #0101

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Fully Licensed Delivery Service opportunity. What you are getting is a license from La Quinta to do Delivery. Deliveries are on the lucrative side of the cannabis industry since many people/patients cannot drive, have time to wait at, or even willing to go, to a retail location.

  • License held in La Quinta
  • 500sqft Office space
  • Rent-$700/mon

If you are brand new to the cannabis industry and looking to get into the marijuana industry but want the lowest risk, easiest way to learn about the industry while still making a Great ROI then don’t look any other cannabis opportunity other than a delivery service. Owning a cannabis delivery service is almost the same as running a dispensary storefront but with much less overhead and way less headache and not have to worry about getting shut down.


Here is your opportunity to enter California’s fastest growing industry. With the passing of Prop 64 it has evolved the industry to new heights. Patients with valid prescriptions are now able to receive the highest quality medicine within a half hour of ordering their medication.

The way this works is a patient will look at the Company’s menu online and place an order just like a food order and after they verify the patient is a valid patient online then they put together the patients order and go deliver it to the patients house. It’s an amazing business model and can be set to auto pilot. 


Example of Overhead, Gross, Net for a Delivery that only does 2 calls per hour !

  • $70/ Average per call
  • Stay open 10am-10pm. Avg of 12 hours. Better to stay open till midnight.
  • 52-55% Gross Profit
  • 2 calls per hour/ 25 calls a day
  • $1,750/ per day
  • $1,750x30days=$52,500
  • 52% profit margin
  • $52,500×52%= $27,300
  • $27,300 net
  • $8,000 Labor
  • $2,000 Marketing
  • $2,000 Rent
  • $1,000 Misc.

NET: $14,300/ month – $171,600/year

Must sign an NDA/Waiver and have proof of financials before any other detailed information is released.

Want more information and are serious about investing in the cannabis industry please call Eric 858-245-6324 !

Asking Price: $360,000.00

Listing Location

Riverside County,California

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