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Here is your opportunity to enter California’s fastest growing industry. With the passing of Prop 64 it has evolved the industry to new heights. Patients with valid prescriptions are now able to receive the highest quality medicine within a half hour of ordering their medication.

This Cannabis Delivery service is located in Los Angeles County it has been in operation for over 2 years. This delivery service has a yearly Gross of $250,000, with a yearly Net of $120,000. The delivery service comes with two well trained employees along with $5,000 in wholesale inventory. The owner is willing to train the new owner between 7 to 10 days to make sure the new buyer understands the entire business, providing expertise of removing the trial and error of this industry. You will feel completely comfortable with knowing how to run this business after the training even if you have zero experience with this industry. The way this works is a patient will look at the Companies menu online and place an order just like a food order and after they verify the patient is a valid patient online then they put together the patients order and go deliver it to the patients house. It’s an amazing business model and can be set to auto pilot.


How to grow this business?

-They do not currently have a customer retention program in place, with no Social Media presence. Simply by adding these two services to the delivery can grow and increase the number of calls per day if they interact with their patients.

-This delivery closes three hours earlier than the industry average. Simply being open an additional three hours a day could generate this delivery service another $90,000 Gross a year

PRICE: $115,000

Want more information and are serious about investing in the cannabis industry please call Clint 858-256-6129

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