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Highest Rated Mobile Dispensary in San Diego. They currently Gross $20,000 a month and takes home after all expenses $10,000 a month. They currently have over 750 active patients, this business comes with a fully integrated website that has the ability to start taking online orders. Business comes with a 800 number, $10,000 in inventory wholesale included in the asking price.

 Patients call the delivery service and place an order just like ordering a pizza and then once they have verified the patient as a legitimate cannabis patient then they can go out make the delivery. The number 1 advantage a delivery service has over a storefront is they can market to a 60 mile radius with hundreds of thousands of potential patients waiting to order versus the small radius of people living near by a dispensary storefront. Also with a storefront you have to pay for armed security $20 plus an hour and rent is typically 3 to 4 times normal rent value because of the kind of business it is.
Price:  $25,000

If your serious about this opportunity and want to set up an appointment call Michael Pernod 760-710-9787 .

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CONFIDENTIAL ADDRESSSan Diego County,California 619-795-4340 *****

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