Orange County Medical Marijuana Dispensary Delivery Service for sale #0034


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Price: $30,000

Location:  Orange County

State compliant Marijuana Delivery Service for sale.

Gross Sales:
April: 20,000
May: 24,000
June: 25,000
July: 15,000
Total Overhead:
Rent: 1,600 utilities included
Weedmaps: 3,700
Total: 5,300
April net: 5,000
May net: 9,000
June net: 10,000
July net: 5,000
Wholesale inventory: $7,000
Patients: 266 in webjoint and 90 in the GetNugg data base
Total: 356
Text list has about 100 patients on rotation
Marketing: currently market on getnugg, weedmaps, Leafly, greenrush, instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and twitter. We also have print media that we go and hand out on the street.

If you are brand new to the cannabis industry and looking to get into the marijuana industry but want the lowest risk, easiest way to learn about the industry while still making a Great ROI then don’t look any other cannabis opportunity other than a delivery service. Owning a cannabis delivery service is almost the same as running a dispensary storefront but with much less overhead and way less headache and not have to worry about getting shut down.

Patients call the delivery service and place an order just like ordering a pizza and then once they have verified the patient as a legitimate cannabis patient then they can go out make the delivery. The number 1 advantage a delivery service has over a storefront is they can market to a 60 mile radius with hundreds of thousands of potential patients waiting to order versus the small radius of people living near by a dispensary storefront. Also with a storefront you have to pay for armed security $20 plus an hour and rent is typically 3 to 4 times normal rent value because of the kind of business it is.

Always Remember “There are two kinds of people on this earth, there are people that watch things happen and there are people that make things happen”, we have already watched Colorado, it is time to make things happen. How much longer are you going to wait?

Want more information and are serious about investing in the cannabis industry please call Michael Pernod 760-710-9787!


If you want more information on how to buy a cannabis business please call our office at 619 795 4340.

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