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Here we have an Amazing City and County Tax Free Zone opportunity on Sovereign Tribal Land.
Estimated total cost his between 15M and 20 Million to set up on 47 acres of greenhouse, equipment from A – Z from infancy to your First Cannabis run.
Local and County Taxes will be from 5% to 20% on the gross sales in California. On Tribal Land its 0%.

Dealing with the state of California is an expensive, time consuming hassle. Take a look at the things you have to do to get a 10,000 SF which is less than a 1/4 of 1 ACRE cultivation license from Sacramento:

Requirement Time to Complete Price
Secure all local permits 10-18 Months $10,000-$50,000
Purchase Land or enter into long term commercial lease for premises 6 Months Range: $100,000-$500,000
CEQA Notice of Determination 6 Months Range: $10,000-$25,000
Signed Labor Peace Agreement for companies with 20 or more employees 3-6 Months Range: $5,000-$10,000
Permits from State Water Resources Control Board Or Local Water Control Board 6-12 Months $5,000
California Fish & Wildlife

Permit 1602

3-6 Months $3,000
Provide a copy of groundwater well log filed with the California Department of Water Resources 3-6 Months $3,000
Filing Fees N/A $26,000
Processing Time 6 Months
Attorney’s Fees (Highly Recommended) N/A Range: $15,000-$30,000

Avg: $22,500

Total Range: $177,000-$652,000

Avg: $414,000

It would cost you over 1.6M per acre in California, estimated cost for the same set up on tribal Land $425K per Acre

Base Price: Rent is per acre per year ($40,000 monthly), You must take all 47 acres 


Option 1. Full Payment

  • Pay all $480,000 per acre up front and get a 10% across the board discount.
  • New price = $432,000 per acre per year ($20.3million for 47 acres)

Option 2. Installment Payments

First Installment

(Four months down payment)

Monthly Payments  (to commence seven months after first installment) Total Cost

(per year)

Per Acre $160,000 $40,000 $480,000


Whats Included:

  • 30-year license to conduct any and all California Prop 64 legal cannabis activities on 47 acres of land (any combination of cultivation, processing, extraction or manufacturing)
  • 47 acres of land
  • Ground water or canal water

Must sign an NDA/Waiver and have proof of financials before any other detailed information is released.

This is an amazing opportunity to enter California’s fastest growing industry. If you are serious about moving forward with this opportunity, please contact Drew (619) 653 0483

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Riverside County,California

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