Greenlife Business is the most experienced legal marijuana business consultant and brokerage in California, and consistently Number 1 in terms of search engine results on any aspect of the cannabis business in California.  

We protect both buyers and sellers in an industry that is exciting and skyrocketing but still so new that higher legal and financial risks are necessarily present.  We fill that void.  

  • There are now over 2,756 dispensaries and the number is increasing.
  • Sale of marijuana for recreational use in California is a reality Jan 1, 2018.
  • We have sold more current dispensaries in California than any other company.
  • We are the premier Cannabis Consultants for start up marijuana businesses.
  • We provide expertise for current business owners to increase sales and gain a competitive edge.

If you are thinking of investing in the Marijuana industry in California, you need to call us, period.

(619) 795-4340


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