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Cultivation of marijuana, grow businesses

Posted 1 month ago

Getting a license for a marijuana cultivation business is one of the most difficult early steps in doing business in the evolving California cannabis industry. Here...

 Cultivation /  California / 341 views

Posted 2 months ago

Here we have an amazing cultivation opportunity in the heart of California’s marijuana-producing “Emerald Triangle,” Mendocino County! Marijuana is one of the chief economic drivers...

 Cultivation /  Mendocino County / 267 views

Posted 2 months ago

For Sale in Sacramento, 1.5 Acres of land which has a Conditional Use Permit or Land Use Permit to grow up to 22,000 sqft. Zoned...

 Cultivation /  Sacramento County / 292 views

Posted 6 months ago

California is creating a thriving legal market, that will make it the Cannabis epicenter of the country. Here we have a Cultivation opportunity that has...

 Cultivation /  Mendocino County / 401 views

Posted 6 months ago

There is 100 Acres available.  Estimated total cost on the high end is around 40 Million to set up 100 acres of greenhouse, equipment from...

 Cultivation /  San Bernardino County / 358 views

Posted 7 months ago

Why pay Millions for a License? Once in a LIFETIME Opportunity for Cultivation. This is the real deal for any serious party looking to get...

 Cultivation /  Sacramento County / 735 views

Posted 10 months ago

This opportunity is for a 14,000 SQ ft Warehouse that is zoned 100% compliant in an area in Sonoma County where they issue Conditional USE permits and...

 Cultivation /  San Francisco County / 386 views

Posted 10 months ago

Cultivation of marijuana On February 2, 2016, the Sacramento City Council adopted Section 17.228.127 of the Sacramento City Code allowing certain non-residential properties to be used for...

 Cultivation /  Sacramento County / 344 views

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