Business Listing

we don’t get paid until we sell your cannabis business

Why list your cannabis business with Greenlife Business?

Mainly because we have already appraised and sold dozens of cannabis businesses, more than any other company or broker. The Cannabis Industry is new and unique and requires a specialized more comprehensive agency approach, what we like to call a role closer to Advisory Intermediaries. We offer the most accurate and comprehensive FREE EVALUATION of your cannabis business based on current market analysis.

We have a waiting list of 1,200 people looking to buy into the cannabis industry but with a prime focus in the storefront dispensary category.  We handle all business categories, Dispensary, Delivery Service, Grow Operation, vape and edible manufacturing.

Valuation is important. Our target market time is 60 days. No less important is this List of built in advantages:

  • Contractual Competency
  • Knowledge of Local California Cannabis Laws
  • First Look by our list of qualified Buyers
  • Handling Offers
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Verification & Vetting
  • Negotiating Skills all the way to the End

Values of existing businesses in the cannabis are skyrocketing. Let us help you calculate your current net worth and how it might be reinvested. Don’t get left behind. Call us today.


Greenlife Business sells more cannabis businesses that any other company in California.  

Best Delivery Medical Marijuana Cannabis Delivery Service In San Diego County #105

Medical Cannabis Marijuana Cultivation Turn-Key Opportunity (Mendocino County) #104

Manufacturing Distribution Marijuana Cannabis License Turn-Key (San Diego County) #0103

Cultivation Blue Zone Marijuana Cannabis Turn-Key Property Included (Los Angeles County) #0102

Tax Free Zone 47 Acres Marijuana Cannabis Cultivation, Manufacturing, Extraction, Processing

Tax Free Zone 100 Acres Cultivation, Manufacturing, Extraction, Processing

Marijuana Cannabis Delivery License Opportunity in La Quinta #0101

Ancillary Profitable Cannabis Business Available #0100

Recreational Approved Dispensary, Distribution, Cultivation, Manufacturing Business(Cathedral City) #0099

Licensed Manufacturing Facility Marijuana Cannabis Opportunity (San Diego County) #0098

Cultivation Manufacturing Distribution Marijuana Cannabis License (San Bernardino County) #0097

LA Medical Marijuana Cannabis Turn-Key Cultivation (Los Angeles County) #0096

Pre-ICO License Cannabis Dispensary Cultivation Opportunity #0095

Medical Marijuana Cannabis Friendly Cultivation Property (Sacramento) #0094

Distribution / Manufacturing License in hand w/ Real Estate (Los Angeles County) #0093

2878 Camino Del Rio So. #303
San Diego, CA 92108 | Phone: 619.795.4340