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The passage of Proposition 64 in November of 2016 has changed the California cannabis industry.  The barriers to entry have become much more complex.  The non-profit collective model is being phased out and all cannabis businesses will need to apply for a California license. California will begin accepting applications for the following licenses in 2018:

  • Retail (dispensary and delivery)
  • Micro Business (retail, cultivation and on-site consumption)
  • Cultivation
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution

To obtain a license from the State, the prerequisite is that you first obtain a local permit for your business. The state is allowing local municipalities to develop local ordinances. While some local governments have embraced this bountiful new cannabis market, others are waiting for further state direction in 2018.  Some local governments have banned all cannabis businesses.

We negotiate the many obstacles of municipal and county regulations, zoning maps and property procurement.  New opportunities become available on a continues basis, but information is key to success.  We make it our business to monitor the changing regulations and requirements.

After you have obtained a location, then an application for a local permit may be submitted to the city or county for your proposed cannabis business. The application process can be a multifaceted undertaking, which will require legal services, a land use specialist, a cannabis CPA and other professionals.  The permitting process is unique to each locality.

Time is of the essence because properties go fast once they have been designated “green” and application windows are often limited to a few days.  Experienced entrepreneurs and investors are heavily focused on this extremely competitive market.  The window of opportunity has already closed in several cannabis-friendly California cities.  We provide the answers needed to decide if you are positioned to capitalize on this unique window of opportunity!


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