Cannabis Dispensary, Cultivation, Distribution, Manufacturing, Pre-ICO, for sale, LA County, #107


 Cultivation, Dispensary Retail Storefront with Delivery, Distribution, Manufacturing Type 6 NON Volatile / Posted 3 years ago


Cannabis Dispensary, Cultivation, Distribution, Manufacturing, Pre-ICO, for sale

This cannabis dispensary is the ONLY fully turn key retail opportunity in Los Angeles County, California’s largest marijuana market. The pressure is on in the Los Angeles cannabis market for vertical integration for existing shops, to not only cultivate/manufacture in-house but have the means to distribute to other businesses along with the end users. This Dispensary is only 1 mile from Rams new stadium. The traffic here is amazing this is a PRIME PRIME location over 1 million cars a day travel and past this store.

This opportunity is licensed for:
Retail storefront and Retail Delivery, (Both Uses Medical and Recreational)
Cultivation up to 10,000 sq ft (Both Uses Medical and Recreational)
Manufacturing (Both Uses Medical and Recreational)
Distribution (Both Uses Medical and Recreational)

If you are looking for vertical integration in the most demanded market in the state this is the opportunity. The shop has been in operation for 8 years and has stood above competitors by conveying uniform quality products, impressive marketing strategies, and amazing customer service.

They just received their Recreational License and have not Marketed this use to the public.

Gross: $2,800,000.00 (Medical Dispensary Storefront Numbers ONLY)
Wholesale Inventory: $200,000.00 Included
Fixtures: $500,000.00 Included
Building Size: 10,000sq
Rent: $20,000.00/month

2018 Projections –

Started allowing Recreational customers as of 4/20/2018

Projected Retail Sales (2018) $8M for the storefront and $720,000 for the Delivery Retail, With New Recreational Licensed issued 1 week ago – 8.7M total
Manufacturing Projections Estimated (2018) 66% Gross Profit Margin- $2M to $4M
Cultivation Projections Estimated (2018) 66% Gross Profit Margin – $3.5M to $5M
Distribution Projections depends which route you want to go either bringing on board big name companies who need distribution or doing it yourself.
Conservatively in over the course of 2018 in the next 12 months utilizing all licenses you should gross between 14M – 16M the 1rst 12 months.

Asking Price: $7mil

Must sign an NDA/Waiver and have proof of financials before any other detailed information is released.

Green Life Business Group, Inc DRE CA LIC# 02061374

Drew Mathews, DRE CA LIC# 02091143

If you have any questions call (619) 653-0483

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