Obtaining A Cannabis Business License

In order to obtain a cannabis business license from the State for a cannabis business, you must first obtain a permit from the city or county where the business is located. This is often referred to as a local permit, a business license or a conditional use permit (CUP). There are over 500 local governments throughout the State. There is no requirement that a local government must issue any permit for a cannabis business. Each local government may choose to have its own unique set of cannabis regulations. This varies from open acceptance for all types of cannabis businesses to complete prohibition. Many cities and counties in California are still in the process of determining whether they will offer such permits. In other words, there is a scarcity of available permits at the local level. Political engagement is an important component of the cannabis business.

Green Life Business LLC closely monitors cities and counties throughout the State to find emerging opportunities for local permits. We have a team of real estate agents, permit application specialists, cannabis CPAs and others ready to assist with the process of obtaining a local permit.

Call or send an email requesting more information and an extensive list of cities where you may obtain a permit for a cannabis business. There is no fee to provide this introductory information.



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No matter what the regulations are in a given place, if it’s somewhere where cannabis is legal, recreationally or medically, there will be plenty of licensing and other red tape to deal with. It may not be fun, but it is necessary at the moment. We’ve done it before, so we know how tricky the process can be.

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