Comparing The California Gold Rush To The Cannabusiness Rush

California is one of the largest and most mature cannabis markets in the United States, and it has seen significant consolidation and acquisition activity in recent years, much of which Green Life Business Group, Inc. has been involved in as the state’s leading Cannabis Business broker.

The state’s legalization of recreational cannabis in 2018 sparked a wave of investment and M&A activity, as businesses sought to position themselves for growth in this emerging industry. Alas, this series of acquisitions was relatively short-lived, and similar to the California Gold rush many rushed in too late to find their riches. But there were, and still are, opportunities that many are rushing to, you just need to know what metaphorical gold mine to invest in.

Legalization in The Golden State quickly led to an influx of entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to capitalize on the Gold Rush AKA “The Cannabusiness Rush.” As local jurisdictions and municipalities opened licensing for Retailers, Cultivators, Manufacturers and Distributors, the Maturation of the Market ushered a decrease in price and saturation of the Market.

Green Life Business, the Nation’s largest cannabis business brokerage who sold the very first recreational store in Los Angeles has observed a fluctuation in cannabis business valuations all throughout the state of California. Valuations across the state shifted due the amount of licenses issued by municipalities and counties. Despite these changes, one county remained untouchable. California’s most desired and largest cannabis business market, San Diego, continued to lead the state in value and demand due to low licensing per population unlike counties such as Los Angeles County and Riverside County.

Akin to the tail end of the gold rush, mines closed, dreams were dashed, and lifetime investments lost; but for a select few, they continued to find their fortune in Markets such as San Diego. The 5th largest county in the US, San Diego offers low licensing and unique opportunities in highly populated areas such as Downtown San Diego.

Green Life Business has taken to Market such an opportunity: a unique and exclusive retail storefront license in what is considered the most densely populated and High Traffic Areas in all of San Diego. There is nothing like this on the market today.

Located in the Little Italy area of Downtown, this license offers exclusivity due to nearby landmarks such as San Diego International Airport, Downtown, Gaslamp, Petco Park, Cortez Hill and Bankers Hill. This business is projected to generate $1.5 Million – $2 Million Dollars per month increasing interest from not only the largest operators in the state but also MSO’s (Multi State Operators).

People are still finding gold in California even though the era of the gold rush is long over, you just need to know where to look. Green Life Business Group, Inc. through our years of experience and depth of exclusive listings knows where to guide you and show you where the best opportunities, or the gold, is.


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