Eliminate Time Wasters, and have very Fast Closes

Greenlife Business is honed in the skills of finding qualified, vetted prospective investors and buyers in the burgeoning marijuana business model.  The following are a few of our general techniques in “weeding” out time wasters and making sure when an escrow is opened, it closes fast in 60 days or less.


Prospecting in the right Target Market

Prospect the right way and know your target market and their parameters for doing business with you. This helps you cover the bases and avoid time-wasters who are not in your market. It is important that you have an ideal customer profiled and you understand how to find more customers that fit that profile.

Qualify with the Right Financial Questions

Be ready with solid probing questions that help qualify the buyer. This may weed out the time-waster before you spend hours on follow-up and research. Ask the customer, “What would you do if you were in my shoes?” If possible, talk to others who know this prospect. Good probing questions, early in the sales process, can help uncover a time-waster. If they ask for the same information repeatedly, they may be a time-waster and you need to probe and find out the true story.

Lack of Objections is Not Good

If there is a lack of objections, then it could be a time-waster. Objections are buying signals and generally a part of the selling process. Objections come from prospects that are serious buyers and are looking to find ways to make the sale happen. Handling objections is a part of closing; if they are absent it could be a red flag. If the sale seems to be too easy, it could a time-waster.

Develop Intuition

Develop your intuitive abilities so you can read a time-waster before they waste your valuable time. This is difficult to do; yet the best sales people are excellent at this intuitive skill. Maintain balance in your life to reduce stress and help you give energy and attention to others. This helps you learn what people are thinking. Take time for yourself and develop your mental, spiritual, mental, physical and emotional parts of your life. High-level selling is an understanding of human psychology and developing intuitive abilities.

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