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Evaluating your Business and What it is Worth 1At Greenlife Business we have the experience and metrics available to properly evaluation your business in the newly emerging marijuana industry. Most cannabis business owners have been too busy in the day to day running of their businesses to have the kind of overview of trends that affect final value of their business as a whole.

And to be honest, the emergence of a stable, legal environment for the mere existence of thriving, competitive medical marijuana businesses in the marketplace is recent and useful sales histories of existing cannabis businesses is quite recent. All the data required for current valuations is generally less than a year old.

Call us and talk to a Greenlife Business Consultant today and let us take a look at what you have. There are many factors involved. Many business owners who don’t have all the facts and trends at their disposal either overestimate or underestimate the value of their cannabis business. The correct approach, the approach we have perfected, arrives at a figure that gets top dollar in a market time of 60 days or less. Holding out for an unrealistically high price or selling too low are different sides of the same coin, and result in losses that could have been avoided. Learning to recognize and deal with qualified buyers, and weeding out unqualified time-wasters is another thing we excel at, and the subject of another blog in this “Selling Your Business” series.

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