Green Life Business Has Sold 7 Cannabis Business In Just 2 Months

Ever since cannabis became fully legalized in California, businesses have been popping up left and right. Today, there are fully-operational and turnkey businesses and facilities for sale, making it easier than ever to get involved in the lucrative cannabis industry. Green Life Business is one of the cannabis brokers that has made it their mission to provide high-level cannabis businesses for sale.

When it comes to finding a cannabis business for sale California has no shortage of options. Green Life conducts market research to identify the best businesses for sale to provide to entrepreneurs looking to get in on the Green Rush. Recently, seven businesses have been sold in just under two months. These businesses range from costing under $300,000 to selling for over $5 million. They included medical-only dispensaries to delivery businesses.
One of them remarkably sold before even getting to the market, for an astonishing $5.65 million. The total purchase price was over $12 million.

The seven businesses that have sold from October 4 th to December 4 th are the following:

1. La Mesa Retail & Delivery License #334 ($5 Million) – This license allows for cannabis
to be sold on premises and via delivery in La Mesa, CA
2. Oakland Delivery & Distribution License #351 ($299K) – This license allows cannabis
to be sold and delivered to customers in Oakland, CA.
3. Moreno Valley Cannabis Dispensary Retail License #323 ($1.7 Million) – This license
allows for both Medical and Recreational cannabis to be sold in Moreno Valley, CA.
4. Pre-ICO Turnkey Cannabis Dispensary w/ Delivery ($5 Million) – This dispensary
brought in $3 Million in 2019 and is projected to make $3.5 Million by the end of 2020.
This sale included both a delivery service and storefront.
5. Long Beach Cannabis Distribution License #317 ($240K) – This license allows for both
Medical and Recreational cannabis to be sold in the city of Long Beach, CA
6. Hesperia Medical Delivery ($110K)
7. Long Beach Cultivation CUP (179K)

If you are looking for cannabis businesses for sale that include retail, cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution licenses, then you will have your pick when you choose Green Life cannabis brokers to handle the sale. In fact, Green Life made history by representing the first cannabis business ever sold in Los Angeles. As a seasoned broker for the cannabis industry that has been recognized as the largest broker in the entire state, you know you are working with professionals who know what they’re doing and have done it all.

Everything from cannabis office real estate and cultivation property to manufacturing facilities and distribution licenses are available for purchasing and selling through Green Life. When looking for a cannabis business for sale California goes to Green Life as one of the most trusted cannabis brokers in the state. There is a wide variety of business options to choose from, depending on how involved you want to get in the cannabis industry. Some of the largest publicly-traded companies turn to Green Life when they are looking to have mergers and acquisitions, which emphasizes the high level of trust and confidence companies have in Green Life’s brokerage services.

There is a wide array of business opportunities to choose from cannabis brokers you can have confidence in providing you with prestigious and quality options. For a cannabis business for sale California today has options that made anywhere from $1+ million to over $50 million annually. Green Life has listings for every budget and revenue level. Real estate and pre-revenue licenses are available, making it easy to quickly jump into cannabis companies that are already operational. All you need to do is take over, and you can begin earning revenue right from the start. Brand new entrepreneurs and investors have had tremendous success by purchasing fully-operational turnkey cannabis businesses through Green Life’s brokerage services.

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today. It’s where a tremendous amount of excitement is. With the customer base growing every day, you are making a solid investment that will deliver impressive revenues for the foreseeable future. If you want to dive into the cannabis industry but have been unsure how, then worry no more because Green Life is the go-to cannabis broker that can answer all your questions and match you up with the right cannabis business for you.

Browse the current cannabis business listings to find one that appeals to you and start the conversation today.

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