Sacramento Turn-Key Cannabis Delivery Retail Non-Storefront For Sale #161

  • $480,000
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Sacramento Turn-Key Cannabis Delivery Retail Non-Storefront For Sale #161
  • $480,000

Business Description

Amazing Delivery business in Sacramento that is looking to sell. The delivery maintains a well-stocked inventory of cannabis products, with little to no marketing in place this delivery is pulling in over $20k/month, for only being in operation for 3 months with no presence that’s huge! This delivery has a team of 4 employees who are known for their respectful, compassionate cannabis professionals who strive to build relationships with their customers every day to identify and satisfy the needs of the community. The delivery does very limited to no marketing outside of its website and social media. By allocating time and capital into Marketing it can add a significant percentage of both top line and bottom line performance. Purely as an example, the industry average ticket number for delivery services is $70 per order. If the delivery service can get to 2 calls per hour, thats 24 calls per day (assuming they are open 12 hours a day). Multiply that by the average ticket number and you have $1,680/ order per day x 30 days thats a monthly gross of $50,400.00. These are just conservative numbers giving an example of how focusing on the marketing in turn affects the number of calls the delivery service can get. 


  • Rent: $3,000/mon
  • Space: 1,300 sqft
  • Lease: 5 year
  • Employees: 4

Retailer Non-Storefront License: Sells and delivers cannabis goods to customers. A Retailer (Non-Storefront) must have a licensed premises, but it is not open to the public.

Why Delivery Service?

  • As of January 16th, California’s Office of Administrative Law (OAL) approved the final rules and regulations governing the state’s cannabis industry, one of those rules guarantee legal protection to the state-licensed “non-storefront” delivery companies and their customers in the cannabis banned areas which is particularly good news for those customers who may be homebound or have other limitations that prohibit them from traveling. So now delivery services can deliver to ALL OF CALIFORNIA !!!
  • If you are brand new to the cannabis industry and looking to get in the industry but want the lowest risk, easiest way to learn the ins & outs is a delivery service. Owning a cannabis delivery service is almost the same as running a dispensary storefront but with much less overhead. Internally, storefronts have a higher overhead cost with rent, security, employees and inventory comparing the costs to a delivery are night and day. With Delivery a small space of 500 sqft is more than ideal to setup the operation, it does not have to be in a prime real estate location, because the business is going out to its patients unlike a storefront.

Asking Price: $480,000.00

Must sign an NDA/Waiver and have proof of financials before any other detailed information is released.

Green Life Business Group, Inc DRE CA LIC# 02061374

Eric Espinoza, DRE LIC CA# 02077927

If you have any questions Call Eric at (858) 245-6324

Green Life Business Group Inc. we are here to both help you sell or buy a cannabis business opportunity.

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Business Details

  • Price: $480,000
  • Business Type: Delivery Retail Only
  • Business Status: Sold
  • Location: California
Green Life Business Group, Inc DRE CA LIC# 02061374
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